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Baby looking up into mom's eyes while nursing.
Kim has an ability to capture the light in her photography, transforming un-staged life moments into treasured piece of art!
— Claudia

// Bottle & Breastfeeding Photography

Your feeding relationship is special. It is one that only lasts a few years and you want to hold on to some of those moments through photos.  The way she gazes into your eyes while she eats.  The way your fingers move over hers - these little intimacies are what I love to photograph.

Your Session

These sessions are designed for one parent and one baby or child.  Celebrate your feeding relationship with up to 30 minutes of photography so we can be sure to catch all the little nuances that make your relationship yours.  Fingers and feet, nose to nose and all the little details that make your feeding years so memorable.  

These sessions can take place in your home or in a location that will best express your relationship.

This package includes one 8x10 linen album with 20 images that you can look back on for years with your children and the digital files from your album to go with it.

Packages start at $650.

Group Sessions

These sessions focus on bottle or breastfeeding, and are often organized in small groups of families a few times a year. Bringing together parents, babies, and children who otherwise wouldn't have met is a wonderful dividend of this type of session.

These sessions are run as Group Sessions which means there will be 4-5 families at a time.  We will all move together to a location and I will take photos.  Each family will have about 10 minutes of photography but spread over 40 minutes as there will be 4-5 families present.  This allows us to take photos in varying locations and spend more time together overall.  

Sessions include five edited digital files and one 8x12 print. 

Packages start at $195

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