Ottawa Breastfeeding Photographer | Why my Images Mean So Much

Breastfeeding, Bottle-feeding and Babywearing Photography was offered last week with Breathe In Photography in the Byward Market in Ottawa.  Twelve families participated and it was so fun to meet them all.  

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I've had the pleasure of photographing this great family a few times and it's always fun to see how much baby Evelyn has changed!  I met her in person for the first time last spring on her birthday! (birth story coming soon in photos!)

I am so thankful to Ashley for sharing her words here about why her babywearing and breastfeeding photos mean so much to her as she nears her return to work.  Her words are why I feel like photography means more than just a collection of images - photos can bring us right back to the moments that have meant so much to us as mothers.  

Mom carrying her daughter in a handwoven ring sling in Ottawa Byward Market during babyweraing mini session.

What do your breastfeeding images mean to you?

It was really important for me to get feeding images. Evelyn and I struggled with our breastfeeding relationship and I am so proud of both of us for coming this far and still going strong. Nursing is our favourite thing to do.

She is almost a year old and I will be returning to work and I am so afraid of loosing this relationship we both worked so hard for. These images allow me to see that there is so much more to it than feeding. It is such a great reminder that our time nursing is our special time together and when I look back I know the snuggles will always be there, even when she no longer wants milk.

There are so few photos of us together, so i don't often see "us" from the other side. These really remind me that our relationship is strong, and help to give me confidence that we will survive being away from each other during the work day.

Tell me about your favourite photo...

Baby putting foot on Mom's cheeks while breastfeeding in Byward Market Ottawa.

This is my favourite image. Since Evelyn was itty bitty she has always put her feet up. When she sleeps, she sleeps with them up on my legs, if we are cuddling on the couch she rests them on the arm of the couch. When she was a newborn I would hold her and she always had her feet on my arm.

The moment she realized she could move her legs wherever she wants to - and that they could reach my face - now it is all she does. She gave her first belly laugh when I nibbled her toes for the first time. Now every time we nurse she sticks her feet up and I stroke her leg and kiss her instep and she watches me with a little smirk. She still laughs when I put my teeth on her feet without fail.

This picture shows this special ritual we have - and I love it. It reminds me of the determination that she does everything with, including making me smell her stinky toes.

Mother and one year old daughter cuddling and smiling sitting on floor in Byward Market, Ottawa.
Baby nursing in a ring-sling during Ottawa Babywearing Mini Session in Byward Market.

Would you like to hold on to your feeding or babywearing relationship through photos?  Breathe In Photography offers Carry Me and Nourish Me professional photography mini sessions a few times a year in the Ottawa Gatineau area.