Reviews and Testimonials

Real experiences from clients in their own words.  If you still have questions after going through these testimonials, please contact me and I'm happy to put you in touch with families just like yours who have experienced working with Breathe In Photography.


I didn't understand why she wanted it...

Him:I didn’t understand why -but she wanted it, so I was fine with it.
Kim: And what did you think birth photography was?
Him: I had no idea, taking pictures of the baby coming out like in science class, the video you try and skip.
Kim: What do you think now?Him: It’s going to mean a lot to your wife. It will mean a lot to you to, but you won’t understand why until later.

What is your favourite image?
Him: My favourite one is the first grasp, where she grabbed my pinkie, and just hanging on to
me.... She’s my little girl.


What if I don't get the birth I want?

I think they think of the up close and gory, but it’s nothing, it’s nothing like that. It’s life, it’s the start of life, it’s the journey to that life beginning.

...How healing my pictures were, because I didn’t get the birth that I wanted, but the pictures show the triumph over defeat and the perseverance. Just little things like Skylar’s birth announcement from the hospital, “It’s a girl”, waiting for us while we’re having our
caesarean, you were there with my support team to capture those moments, and you don’t think about what’s going on outside the       room that you’re in so it’s nice to see, what everyone else was doing.


I didn't feel like I had someone in my privacy - I just felt like we were sharing one experience together.

They were like “Oh, so she, was she following you? Through it all?” And I was like “Well, I didn’t even feel like she was there, so she is pretty much capturing everything that, maybe because I’m slightly in the moment I can’t see, so I can go back and relive it, my birth.”

People often ask “isn’t it invasive?”

Well for people who are more private and for people that don’t really like people to get in their bubble, or to be intrusive, I would say, well, I’ve only had one birth photographer, but if you guys are all like that, I want to say that, I don’t feel like I had someone come into my private space, I just felt like we were sharing one experience together.


My favourite Photo - I knew it was the point of no return...

I’m leaning over the back of the bed in, probably transition at that point, and my midwife is rubbing my back, and I look like this, and I remember the moment that I was telling her “Don’t let me try to have a homebirth next time, don’t let me say this nonsense, I want an epidural, this is really sucky.” And looking back on it, it was really nice to see that because you know that it’s that moment when you’re in transition where you know it’s the point of no return and the baby is coming really soon.


I thought it was going to be intrusive

I thought it was going to be more intrusive. More shots right in there, but it wasn't like that.  It was basically everything but, I didn't notice you were there that much.  I was busy doing other things and  you were just kind of in the background capturing footage.


I've forgotten a lot because "Life".  For me, it's been a memory capture.

It can be everything else that happens at the birth that is beautiful. And I've forgotten a lot because life, you know, happens and time happens. For me when I look back and it's been almost two years now, almost two years today that those pictures were taken. So when I look back 'Oh yeah, I remember that, I remember laughing with my husband at that point" and it brings back memories. So for me, it's been a memory capture. It's fantastic.


I've never seen such happiness in a picture

Those first few moments when baby was with her dad - blew me away. I was pregnant and felt her kick everyday. That baby was inside me and I felt her grow. She came out and was given to Dad - I was like YES, now you can feel what I've been feeling. He has this grin on his face .  and just smiling. It's pure happiness, pure bliss written all over his face. It's home, it's where she belongs.  I've never seen such happiness in a picture.


To see our expressions, how happy I was...

To see those really special moments, like, you know, me catching Zaynab, and to see captured on film is just incredible, it’s something that I want to share with everyone, to see my expression, to see how happy I was to have caught her, it’s just a really special moment.


To be able to replace those blurry moments with concrete events...

It was so incredible to be able to revisit those memories and to replace those blurry half moments with concrete events that I can say, okay, this is what I was thinking here and this is what was going on there.


Having Pictures helps me explain what my birth meant to me

It’s impossible to put into words, and so, you know, if somebody asks you about your birth experience it’s really hard to talk about that and what that means, and I think having pictures to show it, it really helps to explain what your birth meant to you.