Toddler and Stuffie Mini Sessions | Ottawa Babywearing Photography

Toddler baby wearing in Ottawa with monkey.

She grabs her stuffed monkey.  She grabs her scruffy-bear.  She grabs her weary-furred-bunny. She picks up her carrier - it's time to go to the park.  I help her arrange her rainbow carrier on her back and start to stuff it with all the animal friends.  Of course - the challenge - they didn't all fit. After a few minutes (okay it was likely longer than a few!) of toddler deliberation and 2 year old negotiations - we were off with one monkey in tow.

Toddler girl on slide carrying her monkey in baby wearing carrier in Ottawa.

These photos represent some of my favourite memories.  There was a phase of time when she carried someone with her all day long.  Now someone is a flexible term: Yellow Monkey, Scruffy Bear, Moosey, boxes of crayons, apples, sweaters and one time, she was insistent on carrying a broom - but I'll save that for another time - I'm still recovering from the tears that day.

Do you have a toddler who carries their babies or stuffies?  Would you like to have images you can look back on and tell them all the stories of how they used to wear all their babies?  Would you enjoy meeting other families who are in the same situation and have a group mini session and capture some beautiful photos?



Toddler Baby (Stuffie) wearing Mini Sessions are coming!

Toddler carrying her monkey on her back at local Ottawa Playground.

Breathe In Photography will be offering Toddler and Stuffie Group Mini Sessions this spring at a local park.  They will be quick - just like toddlers - and they will allow for play and there will be plenty of fenced in space for your toddler to run about.  I will bring my camera - and we will capture some fun images!

Dates to be announced - likely sometime in April - unless March surprises us with fabulously warm weather.  Please register your interest by clicking below and I will keep you informed when I have more details.

They will be $185 including 5 digital images of your choice chosen from a gallery and one 8x12 print.  Looking forward to it!

Babywearing Toddler in Ottawa Park in Vanier walking through the sand.