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What is the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project?

PBAP was created by Leilani Rogers as a way to bring together professional photographers of the world in hopes of raising awareness for breastfeeding in public and to empower more families to do so.  Read more about it here in Leilani's own words.  

Breathe In Photography has focused on breastfeeding images from the beginning of this business and I have followed PBAP from afar admiring the project since its inception.  I used to look at the images and think "Someday I want to be involved in that!"

Breathe In Photography and PBAP

After attending a screening of the film "Milk" and listening to the panel of women talking about their experiences breastfeeding in our community, I was most struck by one woman's comment (not a perfect quote, but along the lines of), "I breastfeed, but I have never seen photographs on the walls of women like ME breastfeeding, it's subtle, but it impacts us."...and well, bam...I chatted with her after the event to learn more and planned to be in touch to learn more about her experiences.

Parallel to that night was the call for images for PBAB's contest, and in hope of being chosen to be an official PBAP Photographer, I got to work.  I got in touch with a few friends with the goal of finding some women who wanted to share their experiences and photos of themselves in this contest. I wanted the images I took to represent the diversity of families in our community. I wanted to learn more.  That is when I met Mary through another photographer friend.

It was such a perfect evening for photos and it was so great to work with Mary and her daughter.

Breastfeeding is the most special thing about my relationship with my daughter, it is a special bond between her and I, no words can explain how grateful I am for it. As a Muslim woman, like any other women, my experience of breastfeeding is a privilege that my body has, I am able to provide essential nutrients to my daughter. Islam values motherhood by encouraging the mom to breastfeed her child until she turns 24 months. Breastfeeding is not easy, but with patience and confidence; my religion has motivated me to continue breastfeeding as long as my daughter needs.
— Mary & Dalia (7 months)
Beautiful sunset as Mother feeds her daughter at Landsdowne Market in Ottawa.

So what does this mean for Ottawa Gatineau Families?

Breathe In Photography was chosen to be one of the members of the PBAP team and I'm excited to get moving on some more images.  There will be calls out for special projects throughout the year.

If you are interested in having a breastfeeding session in a public place and you would also enjoy being part of this project and sharing your images and a bit about your experience breastfeeding, you will receive a print gift in appreciation for sharing with PBAP with your booking of a full session.

I already have a few fun projects on the go and I look forward to more!

More images from the first PBAP Photo Session in Ottawa

Mom and her daughter during Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project Photoshoot in Ottawa, Ontario with Breathe In Photography.
Mom and daughter photo session at Landsdowne Park in Ottawa.
Friends chatting and hanging out with baby during Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project Photoshoot in Ottawa, Ontario.