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Third Trimester Lifestyle Sessions

I have known these two for quite a while and they are the two of the most warm, caring, down to earth and gentle people I know.  When this pregnancy came about, I had tears in my eyes reading the note.  These two will be amazing parents and I can't wait to meet this little baby when she arrives.  

They took the time to share what stories are going on behind these photos. Their openness about their struggles arriving at these moments is beautiful and real.  

What about your images means the most to you?

Having a true, authentic reflection of where I am at this point in our lives is what means the most to me. I love that these images permanently mark a time in our lives that is filled with joy, excitement, love, and even a little healthy fear of the unknown.  These photographs will always represent part of the “turning point” in our family – where two lovers and their dog were fortunate enough to become three. 

Pregnant Mom in blue and white sweater, Dad in jeans by the water with their dog laughing and smiling.

Why did you want to have photographs of this time in your lives?

Becoming pregnant was a real challenge. I learned two years ago when we first started trying to have a family that I have Polycystic Ovaries – a condition that makes conception difficult. Two years of fertility treatments, and one early miscarriage later, we are finally here: at the precipice of meeting our tiny human.  

These photos don’t just commemorate the upcoming birth of our daughter, but also our pursuit and struggle to create life.  

The nature trails in which these photographs were captured represents a space that was meaningful to me – this is where I ran to let out frustration, cried my sorrows, and meditated to move forward no matter where life was going to take me. 

Beautiful pregnant couple in Ottawa walking in the trails that mean so much to them.

Do you have any favourite images?

Left: This image reflects our personalities – I’m more pensive and my husband is an eternal optimist.  

Bottom Right: It’s a beautiful image.  I love that our pup is looking straight into the camera and my husband and I are being romantic with my baby bump getting in the way! 

Top Right: I mean – look at this dog’s goofy face. She’s an absolute comedy show and keeps us laughing no matter what is going on. 

Happy couple enjoying pregnancy with a walk in the forest with their dog in Ottawa.

Tell us about this dog…

Boxer dog outside in forest and by a creek in Ottawa during maternity photo session.

Luna – AKA Lunatic, AKA The Looney Tunes Show. She’s our 2.5-year-old boxer and is adorably dumb as rocks! She’s always doing the silliest things, which has us constantly laughing hysterically. I don’t think she realizes yet that she’s about to have a tiny human tugging on her ears and jowls, but I do know that she’s going to LOVE it, because – as everyone can clearly see – she adores attention. She’s already a big fan of the nursery because of the fluffy rugs we have put next to the crib. I can already foresee her lying on the floor next to the crib or bassinet, guarding her new little sister. 

What’s the best thing(s) about expecting your little one?

To be honest, every symptom I’ve had – from the crippling pregnancy nausea and vomiting, to feeling the adorable kicks and hiccups have been a true blessing.  With every barf, I knew this baby was a keeper and my hormones were doing what they’re supposed to. With every kick, I know she’s growing stronger. With every hiccup, I know she’s practicing to breathe. I’m just in amazement that my body grew a brand new organ – the placenta, which supports and nourishes the growth of a new life. That’s pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I know I’m going to regret saying this as soon as the first contraction hits, but I’m also looking forward to experiencing labor and bringing her earth-side. 

What are you most excited about when the baby arrives?

To me, being a parent means that I get to usher a new soul into this world, and help her grow as effectively as I can.  But I’m most excited to be able to see the world through her eyes and re-experience the magic of being a child.  We’re both looking forward to being a part of raising the next generation to be mindful, compassionate, and tolerant people. 


Expecting parents on a walk by a beautiful creek in Orleans laughing and sitting beside each other.