Ottawa Babywearing Photographer | Now the Photo Hangs in Her Room

"Up up!"  My daughter used to grab a wrap - whichever was her favourite of the week - and hand it to one of us when she wanted a snuggle.  Some of my favourite images I've taken of my husband and our daughter are the ones when she is wrapped and cuddled into his chest - most often in the winter.  I treasure those images and it is one of the reasons I love offering Babywearing Photography mini sessions in Ottawa throughout the year.

Winter is such a beautiful time to capture images - the white crisp snow provides such a gorgeous back drop for the laughter, connection and silliness that comes when baby and toddlers are wrapped up or held in a soft carrier.

Dad carrying his toddler in handwoven wrap on a very cold day in Gatineau Park.

These photos were taken when she was just about three in Gatineau Park on one of our many adventure walks.  In perfect Ottawa style - it was FREEZING!  We wondered what we were thinking actually - it was far colder than we anticipated and the wind was biting!  Our daughter lasted about 2 minutes on foot and asked to go up.  Of course - Dad was up to the task as he is a far better furnace than I am.

Dad and daughter walking in Gatineau Park on a sunny day in handwoven wrap.

For the moments my fingers could tolerate it - I snapped a few images in that borrowed Uppy Leona which was a beautiful custom designed handwoven that my friend's sons had created in honour of a special family member. I had planned on taking more images - but the cold.  No thanks. Little did I know that I would capture an image that is now blown up and framed on my daughter's bedroom wall.

The image below is "so them" - Dad and daughter snuggled up in a carrier or wrap exploring the outdoors. She looks at it still most nights from her bunk bed and talks about it. THIS is why I have to keep taking photos! This is why I hope to capture some special images for families during mini sessions - they can be conversation pieces for years to come and you never know which ones will mean so much to your child someday.

Dad carrying daughter in Uppymama Handwoven Leona at Gatineau Park trail.

Breathe In Photography offers babywearing photo sessions throughout the year it Ottawa and Gatineau.

...focusing on natural moments of connection, silliness and cuddles.