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This is the birth story in photos of a little love who was born last year. Since changing web sites, I've been slowly catching up on getting these posts back on line...or online over all! I have known this family for a while and it was an honour to photograph their birth.

I met Mom at her best friend's birth a few years before and was so happy to learn she was expecting and wanted Breathe In Photography to capture her birth story!

She shared parts of her birth story below. There is one series of images which made their way around the internet and now Mom is sharing the details of those moments too! 

Keep reading to see their short birth video at the bottom!

Mom looking into her husband's eyes for support during the birth of their daughter at Montfort Family Birthing Unit in Ottawa.
Birth photo of woman in labour at Montfort Hospital.
Moment of peace between contractions while Mom is in labour and resting on bar during hospital birth in Ottawa.

Tell me about this image...

I was so exhausted and really felt like it wasn't working. I hadn't been pushing that long but it felt like an eternity and it didn't feel productive. I felt so tired physically and mentally. I was afraid. Determined. But I also felt so defeated - I had been told so many times things weren't happening as I had envisioned. I was trying to trust my body and my baby but whenever I had I was told something else.

This moment I just stopped. I ignored everyone, even my midwife (to her dismay lol). It was just quite in my mind. I felt so alone. I felt like giving up. I was afraid for my baby - I didn't want her to leave. We were happy together and the trouble started when I went into labour. If I could just go back we could try again when I was better prepared.

Was there a turning point in your labour? midwife looked at me and we locked eyes and I couldn't look away. She was telling me I had to keep going and that I could do this.That I was doing it. She told me that she could feel my baby was lower and with the last push she could see a bit of the top of her head. I could not look away from her.

It was like I was drawing power from her and if I looked away I would collapse. I had horrible anxiety that my baby would be taken away but she (midwife) promised that no one would take her before I held her.

She suggested we change positions. I didn't think I could move. I moved though and with the first push in the new position I could feel my baby move. It was only a few more pushes and she was out.

I believe my midwife's support is the reason I was able to delivery vaginally. She was everything I needed. I trusted her so much from the moment I met her and I really believe that my labour lasted so long because I was waiting for her.

How long was your labour?

Labour started Tuesday. It lasted for 91 hrs and 52 min. She was born at 10:53pm. 7 min before they were coming to prep me for a c-section


Three images showing mom's shocked face upon the delivery of her baby at hospital birth in Ottawa with Midwives.

Tell me about this series of images above.

I was 100% in disbelief.

I had never really had the chance to come to terms with any part of the process. Starting from conception all the way to giving birth. Every step of the way Evelyn and I accomplished things that were never supposed to happen.

I have fertility issues - we got pregnant.

She was breech up until the week I went into labour - she flipped.

I was going to have a c-section because I was not dilating and she was in distress - I dilated and was able to give birth vaginally.

If there was meconium she wouldn't be allowed to stay with me long - there was meconium but she was fine.

She had the cord double wrapped around her neck - turns out the umbilical cord was insanely long and so it wasn't tight and she came out screaming.

We have opposite blood types - no contamination happened for either of us.

The moment that I touched her for the first time everything finally came together. It was as if I had been waiting my entire life for her and I didn't know it. I always felt like something was missing...turns out it was her


Newborn baby born in hospital surrounded by friends and family at Montfort Hospital with midwives. Everyone is happy and smiling and full of joy!
Baby holds dad's finger a few minutes after birth and looks right at him captured on camera by birth photographer in Ottawa.
Mom and Dad celebrate the arrival of their brand new baby born in hospital in Ottawa Gatineau.
Dad holds his newborn baby skin to skin after birth smiling and joyful at Montfort Family Birthing Unit.
Baby being weighed after birth at Montfort Hospital photo by birth photographer.

Welcome to the world baby E!

Born April 1 - 10:53pm. Weighing 6lbs 14.9oz. and measuring 20 inches long.

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