How to have an Awesome Babywearing Photo Session in Ottawa

Breathe In Photography offers babywearing group mini sessions in Ottawa throughout the year. Here are some tips to have an awesome session.

Coordinate your carrier / wrap with your clothes

The focus of your babywearing photo session with Breathe In Photography is the connection between you and your child. Let's frame those special moments with your wrap, carrier, and all the giggles and snuggles. When choosing clothes for your session, choose items that coordinate with your carrier.  Avoid matching perfectly with your child - unless of course - that is something you love to do!  I want to photograph you and your child as you usually are. Sometimes I send clients to clothing websites like the Gap or Gymboree because the families are often wearing coordinating clothes and it's a great inspiration. Another option is to do a search "What to wear for my photo session" on Pinterest and you'll have hundreds of ideas.  It's fun to pull out one colour from your favourite wrap and have an accessory like a hat or shoes that match. It's up to you!

Be ready to work with your baby or child's energy

We never know how a child or baby will react to the camera or to having a stranger around who wants to take photos. I will spend time with your child, chatting and getting to know them and most importantly I will work with your child or baby's energy at the time of the session. Don't worry if baby is really sleepy and tired. Don't worry if your toddler is feeling silly and rambunctious - we'll work with it! If you child is sleeping we will capture some quiet, calm, connected images. I may ask you to close your eyes and connect with your sleeping baby for example. If you child is feeling energized and ready to party - we will work with that too as we did in the photos above. Tickling toes, spins, hopping, walking - we will capture some babywearing images that meet your child's energy. It's great to just let go and work with your baby's mood.

Connect with your baby, not the camera

My goal is to capture images that you can look back on and be brought right back to all the feelings of carrying your child. Let's celebrate the snuggles, the giggles, the little fingers exploring your necklace, the fuzzy baby hair on your chin, the flushed cheek on your chest or back. My goal is to capture those little details. I may remind you to connect with your baby by smelling his head, kissing her cheek, tickling his toes or giving her a hug. I will still be sure to capture some eyes looking at the camera if I can (and if everyone is awake), but the focus will be the little intimacies between you and your baby.

Decide if you want to carry them on your front or back

Babywearing photography on beach in ETLA wrap with toddler on mom's back walking in the sand.

There is only so much time at a mini session, so it is best to arrive ready to go. Decide if you would like to carry your child on your back or front. Sometimes, even with bigger children, it's nice to have them on your front for more face to face interaction. Younger babies are much easier to photograph when they are on your front - often because they are more likely to be asleep. If you baby is on your back, there is still LOTS we can do to capture all the love and silliness between you. We will have fun capturing your personalities no matter where you choose to carry your baby or child.

Have a back up plan 

Sometimes, no matter how much we want to capture beautiful babywearing photos, babies have another plan. This happens - so instead of your wrap carrying your child, maybe it will be the blanket around them while they feed from their bottle. Maybe the wrap will be the blanket you sit on and I can capture some snuggly photos or some silly photos. Often toddlers have other plans, so we can let them run about and perhaps by the end of the group mini session they will be ready to go up. Have a ball, snack, book  or favourite toy in your bag so we have something novel to work with if needed. I will still capture some fun images of your child - promise. I have years of experience working with children of all ages having worked in camping and outdoor education for over 20 years - I will find a way to play or connect with your little one so we can capture their personality on camera.

Dance it out! 

All of these images on the beach were the result of a pretty random and perfect event. This was a babywearing group mini session in Toronto. It was evening and the sun was just starting to go low in the sky. As we approached the water some people on the beach turned on HUGE speakers with some awesome ambient beats. As a huge music lover, I took it as a sign and we just worked with the environment. Both moms n' babies and myself just moved with the music and we had so much fun. If dancing isn't your thing - I might ask you to walk and move around the space we are in.  Since that experience, I've started inviting families to dance more during sessions. So be prepared - I might ask you to do some movin'!

Breathe In Photography offers Carry Me Babywearing Photo Sessions year round at different location all over Ottawa Gatineau. Maybe I'll meet you at one soon!