Five Images to capture of your New Baby | Ottawa Birth Photographer

You are about to have a baby and you will have your camera with you at your birth.  Here are five images to capture.  

Newborn opens eyes and looks right at Mom in Ottawa after birth.
New baby feet minutes after birth at Montfort Birthing Unit in Ottawa, Ontario caught by birth photographer.

Baby Feet

At no other time will they be as wrinkly and fresh as the first hour after birth.  They may still look purple but that is normal and will be gone soon.  Years from now you can look back and remember those little tiny toes and be brought right back to the moment.


Baby grasping Dad's finger a few hours after birth practicing skin on skin at Montfort in Ottawa caught by birth photographer.

That perfectly formed little head and the curious pattern on your baby's head is something to get on camera soon.  Those patterns in your baby's hair are unique and were formed while in the womb.  Capture this while baby's hair is still wet - it will never look like this again.

fingers holding yours

The grasp reflex is amazing and beautiful and something that parents never forget.  The size of their fingers as they wrap around yours and the tiny little wrinkles of fresh newborns is a photo not to miss.  


Sometimes it takes an hour or so for baby to open their eyes, but when they do capture that perfect little face.  Even if they doesn't open them too of course!  They won't have much focus and their eyes will move all over the room, but having those photos of those first few glimpses is likely an image you will likely stare at for years to come.

a new family portrait

While you are getting to know your new snuggly newborn, be sure to ask someone in the room to capture a new family photo.  This is the beginning of a whole new relationship and something to remember!  

Newborn baby with Mom and Dad hours after birth photographed by Breathe In Photography Ottawa Birth Photographer.
“That first photo where I looked into her eyes and she looked back at me- there is no better feeling in the world, and having that moment captured forever is priceless.”
— Julia {Birth Client in 2015 and 2016}


These moments and images are fleeting.  Be sure to capture them so you can look back on them over and over again through the years. What images would you add to this list?

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