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As a mother who birthed by CesarEan...

Our daughter was born by Cesarian at Montfort Hospital.  This image was captured by our midwife. It means everything to us.

Our daughter was born by Cesarian at Montfort Hospital.  This image was captured by our midwife. It means everything to us.

This video means so much. I will admit it has brought me to tears every time I watch it. It brings me back to how scared I was going in for a surgery I didn't want - to how defeated I felt - even though at the same time I felt informed and felt like the decision was mine. It brings me back the the moment they put my daughter on my chest and I could feel her skin on my skin, smell her, hear her and look at her for the first time after feeling her move around inside me and carrying her for 42 weeks.

It brings me back to the fear when I said "No wait, I feel that. STOP." before they increased the freezing. It brings me back to the recovery - the stiffness, the pain, the challenge of getting up that flight of stairs when I got home with my friend holding me up while I cried because this wasn't what I wanted. It brings me back to the searing shock of a sneeze, a slight movement, a minor roll over to feed my baby that took 3 minutes with the support of my husband or a friend. Birth by Cesarean is birth. It's hard. It is the reason my daughter was born safe and sound into my arms.

As a birth photographer...

This video means so much. I have had the honour of photographing a few births by Cesarean and I hope to photograph more. I totally understand why I'm not allowed in the OR. I get it. I also get how much birth photos would have meant to me when my daughter was born. I do hope that I will have the honour of photographing more belly births. Until then, I will photograph your planned belly birth from the moment you arrive at the hospital, the prep, and then I will meet you in recovery or in your room to capture all the firsts. Should your birth story include a C-section that you hadn't planned for - I will do the same.

My job is to capture the images that will tell the story of the day your child was born.  The details, the connections and the moments that matter most to you.  Before I arrive, I will already have chatted with you and I will know what photos will matter.  My job is to capture those and someday when your child asks about the day they were born - you will have the images to tell the story.

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Thank you Nicole "an artist, photographer, storyteller, and birth worker who specializes in documenting birth journeys in Richmond, VA" for putting this together a few nights ago and thank you to the Ottawa Family who is part of this video.

I am most thankful for this video as a Mother who birthed by Cesarean because it celebrates birth in all forms. If you know someone who will enjoy this video - please share it with them.  

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