Breastfeeding Photography Ottawa | Newborn Lifestyle Session

Breathe In Photography specializes in breastfeeding and bottle-feeding photography.  Most often they are run as group mini sessions, however, if you would like a session in your home with your baby please contact me and we can work something out.  I love in home sessions as they are the perfect way to capture your relationship as it happens day to day.  This little one was about 3 months old.

Breastfeeding Photos that Tell the Stories of his Babyhood.

I met this beautiful pair through a friend.  We chose to do the photos in the afternoon at my friend's house as the setting and light were perfect to capture Mom and baby's affection for each other. There were cuddles, snuggles, feeding, and quiet moments of connection. Things unfolded as they would naturally and we were able to capture some images that I hope Mom will love for years to come.

What does an in home lifestyle session look like?

Beautiful Mom and Son sitting by the window cuddling during lifestyle session in Westboro.

I will arrive, camera and latte in hand and likely sit down with you if it's just parent(s) and newborn as it was on this day.  We can chat and I will likely ask you to tell me more about your relationship with your new baby and ask you to remind me what photos are most important to you.  

I may ask you to sit at a certain angle so we can best use the light in your home.  I may open or close some blinds or sheers.  We may even move a piece of furniture if needed.  My goal though is to capture you in your home as it is.  

With newborns, it's pretty easy as they have a simple agenda - food please. Cuddles. Diapers. Sleep.  With this family we worked with what baby needed and I moved around them and took photos.  Had there been siblings - it may have gone differently.  

Overall, lifestyle sessions are meant to capture you as you are daily.  I hope the images will bring you back to these fleeting moments every time you look back at them.

Mom and Baby Boy in Ottawa cuddling during newborn photo session.