Ottawa Babywearing Photographer | Snow Rainbows and Friends

Ah yes - 2013.  These babywearing images were taken on an awesome day at the Vanier Sugar Bush.  I was new to this whole idea of building a photography business and I simply wanted to spend some time with great people, take a pile of photos and focus on winter wrapping with lots of colourful wraps and carriers.  

Beautiful mom and baby babywearing in the winter in Vanier Sugar Bush.

A simple call out to friends and we had ourselves a great gathering of Moms and babies and an opportunity for me to continue to build my skills.  I really had no idea at the time that I would still be doing this in 2017 and that I would enjoy it even more now then I did then.

I believe I met each of these women through the Ottawa Babywearing Group which is an amazing resource and community of local families.  I used to host the Vanier Meets at my home and met so many amazing families because of those meet ups.  We all learned together the literal ups and downs of carrying our children on our fronts and our backs.  The sweat, the effort, the practice, the experiments - and through all of that so many friendships began.  

Mom carrying daughter in Metamorphosis Conversion with Girasol Rainbow Wrap at Vanier Library in the winter.

I am so thankful to every person who has wandered out with me so I can "play" with my camera and my ideas.  Without them, I wouldn't have had the opportunities I have had to grow and learn. And the most important side effect of many of these adventures has been making friends along the way.  These women are still all in my life either in person or online as supports in this journey of motherhood.  I love that.

It is on this fun day that my idea of group mini sessions was born.  I love the idea of building community through photography.  I hope that folks will leave a session having met other families that they may not have met before.  So many of us are alone or seeking like-minded families to spend time with as we parent our babies and I know I wouldn't be where I am as a parent without the women I met a long the way through baby wearing.  So rather than one family at a time, Carry Me Mini Sessions are with 4-5 families at a time, we all go for a walk together, or share a space together and I will move around the group and take photos.  This way you get more time for photos, more locations, more settings and hopefully you've met some new people.

Baby girl looks at camera in pink and white hat in Storch Inka Wrap in near Beechwood.

This is the day that idea came to me.  These women meeting me outside at the park so we could snap a pile of photos together.  So this post is for them.  Thank you friends.