12 Birth Photos to Share When She Asks About the Day She Was Born

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
— Dr. Seuss

Are you often met with looks of wonder and curiosity when you mention you are considering birth photography?  There is a misconception about birth photography (okay, there are MANY...) that the images are focused mostly on baby's actual birth.

The Day your baby is born is full of moments...

One of my goals as a birth photographer is to capture the whole story on your baby's birthday. The day your baby is born is full of moments, glances, connections, details and elements that are unique to your story.  I hope to capture as many of those as I can so when your baby (ok, she'll likely be a toddler or young child) asks about the day she was born, you will have beautiful images to show her too.

Those Moments make your baby's birth story...

So yes, you will have some beautiful images from the moment your baby is born, but the other moments?  I will capture those too.

12 Moments you can tell her about when she asks to hear her birth story...

Why hire a birth photographer?  Mom resting between contractions with husband.

Birth takes time. How you moved through rushes, who surrounded you, the setting - it's all part of the story. 



Behind the scenes - what was everyone one else up to?  



Gramma supports grandchildren during home birth of their baby sister.

The love, the laughter, the looks and the admiration...

Man looks at his beautiful partner lovingly while she is in labour.
Sunshine reflection on water during home birth with midwives in Ottawa.

The support and the LIGHT!  





Words whispered and moments between family members.

Father offers words of encouragement to his son while Mom gives birth.

First glances.

Infant born at home in water covered in vernix resting on mom's chest.

Expressions when your family members first saw baby.

Grandma holding grand-daughter's hand as they go in to meet new baby born at home in Ottawa.

Moments of calm and quiet.

Mom resting after birth with newborn daughter after water birth in Ottawa.

The details of how and what role the smartphone played at your birth.

Using Facetime to meet your grandchildren.  Mom smiling at son with newborn baby on her chest.
Big brother gazes at new baby sister with Mom who was born at home in Ottawa.

The moments with siblings.

Who surrounded baby and held her.

Siblings getting to know their new baby sister with bed sitting on bed.

Early latches and cuddles with siblings.

Newborn baby breastfeeding with big sister watching on bed with Mom.

You take care of each other.  I will take care of the photos. (I really mean that!)  I will be the fly on the wall while your family's birth story unfolds to capture all the little nuances, moments and details.  I arrive once you are in active labour and will stay 1-2 hours after baby has arrived so you will have the whole story in photos.  You can answer her questions about the day she was born and include all these seemingly small details that make up the memories you will treasure for years to come.

If you are curious about birth photography in Ottawa Gatineau or if you are looking for photos of your baby's early days, Breathe In Photography also offers "New Here" sessions which take place within the first 48 hours of birth during daylight hours.  They are another opportunity to capture many early moments.