Ottawa Videography and Films

Video is unique, moving photographs, life-filled images that will capture the special nuances and details that make your family yours. All films are 4-5 minutes long and you can sit down together and enjoy them year after year as you tell your children all about their early years. You will be brought back to these amazing moments by simply pushing that play button - brought back to the sights, sounds and movements immediately.


New Here Films (Fresh 48)

You don't even need to get out of your pjs! I will bring the coffee, you can relax and simply be with your newborn. I will come within 48 hours of baby's arrival and capture all the little toes, fingers and yawns. Siblings and pets are welcome too! You will have a video you can look back on to remember all the fleeting things that get blurry and hazy with time.

I will spend up to an hour in your home capturing video. Soon you won't even know I'm in the room so we can capture you as you really are. The fuzziness and grand love of this amazing transition when baby arrives is so beautiful - you take care of each other - and I will take care of this!

$950 includes on call time and video.

Carry Me and Nourish Me Films

The days of wrapping our children are so fleeting. The feel of their little heads on our chests or our backs. The hair pulling (wait, do I want to remember that?), their breath slowing as they fall asleep. Their curly little toes in your hands as you walk up and down the hall waiting for sleep to come. The hours together, wrapped in cloth or carriers...

The hours of feeding, cuddling, holding and playing with their fingers as they breastfeed or bottle-feed. The evolution from just trying to figure it all out to a perfectly smooth rhythm and cadence that is just yours. The way they look into your eyes while they feed...the dental exams...the sleepy eyes as their belly fills...

I will meet you in a location that best shows your babywearing or feeding relationship and we will capture it all so you can watch your film year after year when you want to remember this amazing time in your life with your baby or child.


Welcome Me - Newborn Lifestyle Films

You want to hear baby's little sounds, coos and gurgles. You don't want to forget how delicately the older siblings moved around the new baby (or not?). You want to take a moment, sigh and just breathe in these moments to freeze them in time.  You want to remember how your new baby moved and got used to their new family.

I will come to your home or another location of your choice (parks, museum...?) and spend up to an hour with your family to capture all the little things that make your family yours. You will have a unique film that you can look back on forever. I will bring coffee too...or tea - I know what these early days can be like!

These films are meant for the early months - the fourth trimester - up to 4 months of age (of course there can be flexibility in that!).