Ottawa Photography Workshops

You are a birth professional.  You are a parent who wants to learn more about your camera.  You are not even sure where to start.  Breathe In Photography offers unique workshops and one on one mentoring throughout the year to answer some of these challenges.  Be part of the Breathe In Workshop Community.

Newborn baby born at home in water in Ottawa Gatineau.

Photography for Birth Professionals

You are a birth professional; a doula, a midwife, a nurse.  You would like to offer your clients something unique.  You would like to stand apart in your industry.  You would like to capture beautiful images for families as their families grow.

Photography for Birth Professionals is a workshop series designed to set you apart.  You will know the basics of shooting in manual in your camera and learn some tips and tricks about birth photography.

Birth is a tough setting to take photos in - it's dark, it's fast and it's unpredictable.  I will share with you so you can capture beautiful images.

There will be follow-up workshops so you can further refine your skills and you will be part of the Breathe In Birth Photography Workshops Community.  You will continue to have opportunities to gain more skills and be the first to know about upcoming workshops specifically designed to meet your goals.


Learn to use your DSLR in Ottawa Gatineau with Breathe In Photography Workshops.

Motherhood Selfie Project

Someone, somewhere said something about time flying and being sure we, as mothers, are in the photos.  Your cell-phone selfies are always blurry and someone's face is out of the frame.  Your house is a mess and you just don't have time.  That photo album you were going to make when your 5 year old was born - is still just an idea.

The Motherhood Selfie Project is designed for Mothers who would like to start using their cameras.  The challenge?  You will need to be in the frame!  I will share with you the tips and tricks to capture your family as they are - you'll know how to set up your camera, snap lots of beautiful photos and have images you can look back on for years to come.

You just need a camera and a few hours to join me at a fun workshop to kick off our year.

The first workshop will be all about the basics that you need and from there you can choose to attend more workshops to refine your skills.  You will be part of an online Motherhood Selfie Project Group where we will support each other and learn together.


Mom and baby smiling and laughing babywearing in Ottawa Arboretum in the winter.

One on One Mentoring

You have attended one of the Breathe In Workshops or maybe you've been dabbling in photography for a few years.  You are thinking about starting a photography business.  You are a photographer and your best friend asked if you would capture her birth...

  • I want my photos to look like this!
  • Can we work on shooting in tough lighting?
  • I'm a photographer and I'm thinking about shooting a friend's birth - do you have any advice?
  • I want to start a photography business and I don't even know where to start.
  • How do you live on call all the time?  What's your family life like?
  • How do I book more clients?  
  • What is SEO?  Why do I need that?  How do I get that?
  • My marketing?  I don't even know what that means...
  • Why aren't my photos in focus?

I only know what I know so far in 5 years of business and in many more using my cameras - but I'm happy to chat with you to see if we are a good fit and I can help you with your goals.  I will then design a specific program to meet your needs and we will go from there.  I'm also happy to connect you with others in the community who might be better suited to help.

$199 for the first 1.5 hour and an hourly rate from there.